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Hundreds if not thousands of man-hours goes into the creation of a brand identity. The intellectual assets of corporate marketing professionals, strategic nomenclators and design consultants manifest the name, the symbol and visual communications elements. Its all on paper and digital files. The time for the roll-out has arrived and the final designs must be turned over to the brand implementation team. As this torch is passed, the hope exists that the brand implementation firm understands that they are the last step in a quality-controlled creative process. The integrity of the brand is in their hands. It is simply not good enough to be just another sign or display company.
  Our multi-disciplined implementation team will ensure that your brand design is implemented to its fullest marketing potential. SIGNATURE ELEMENTS' masterful attention to detail will reflect the finesse, clean lines and strategic thinking that are embodied in the design work itself. With our roots in design we know that we bear a great responsibility to the integrity of the brand and the design firm's work, to roll-out the highest quality product, clean lines and concealed connections. We employ state-of-the-art technology in every aspect of our operations and solutions. For signage: whether fiber-optics, high-output LED, titanium letters, water jet or laser cutting, Fiberglas-faced or more traditional materials and methods; for POP displays: whether die-cut or molded, we can recommend the best technology, illumination system, materials and details for your project.
  Stuart Glass, CEO contributes his deep knowledge in both the art and science of brand design implementation to every project. He is a recognized expert in the field with twenty years of experience. Having served as a Design Director at both Landor Associates and Lippincott - Mercer, Stuart has a deep sense of conviction to guard the integrity of each and every branding program that we implement. That is why we call ourselves the masters of brand implementation. With this understanding, we are looking forward to working with you on your next brand implementation project.



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